Mother Nature is so wonderful

This was to have been published 24 hours ago, somehow it did not.

Our second foggy day since we arrived. Thus far it has been a great winter.

Sadly three plants died and this is a new one. The other two I replaced were bougainvillea. The colour and pattern is stunning.

A new bloom on an old plant.

Why oh why is a lifeguard towing another another lifeguard on a motorcycle?

This past Sunday afternoon we saw a motorcycle being stopped by the first lifeguard but the motorcyclist thought he could get away and ride around the lifeguard, We saw the lifeguard physically try to restrain him as he drove the bike. Ouch! So both guys on the bike were detained and the police came on an ATV. After a lot of discussion both fellows were sat in the back of the ATV with a policeman sitting facing them with the other officer driving the four of them away to the police station. The lifeguards then delivered the no longer working ( water damage? ) motorcycle to the police. Never a dull moment around here.

Taken Sunday the 15th.

Sadly we had yet another experience with folks leaving their puppies for us to find. Every night before lock up Colin goes around with a large flashlight and checks the perimeter, the beach out front etc. This same Sunday night he found four black very wee ones. They could barely grunt and were certainly less than two weeks old. I only saw them from a distance. Colin spoke to our night security who said he would move them somewhere for the night where they would be warm and would be fed in the morning. We have already saved 13 puppies in the past few years and just could not take in four more right now and pay for their care at the animal shelter, 17 is much too many puppies. We were very very unhappy about the situation but somehow they were delivered to us and now they have been moved to another place where hopefully they will thrive. We did not ask about them the next day. Is that natures way or just the cycle of life?

Colin got this great photo of a cruise ship coming in. That brown blurb an inch up in the water is a pelican. We just love watching them soar.

Last nights beautiful display including that same cruise ship heading south.

I promised you an update on Carlie. We have not resolved the problem and will be taking her into the vet first thing tomorrow morning. She is so delicate right now. I have mentioned it before that she guzzles her food and does not chew it. Even as a puppy she did this and would regurgitate what she had eaten. Not every day but a few days per week. Once she eats she starts to shake and can’t walk. So she spends the next 3-5 hours in her crate  ( her choice, she loves her crate ). We have held her, sat beside her, gave her love and pats and whatever we could do.

Colin has always softened her food and we feed them three times per day instead of the usual two. About 3 days ago he decided to soften her food even more.

Carlie’s food on the left. Greatly expanded. The kibble expands at least twice its dry size.

Colin hoped that the ‘wet’ kibble would be more easily absorbed into her system. It seems to be helping but we are concerned that there might be another reason. She has had a few smaller reactions but does seem a bit better. Remember this been happening since she was a puppy and we have discussed this a few times with our vet. We even tried digestive enzymes for a full month.

Carlie’s expanded kibbled on the left. Ciela’s regular portion on the right.

We are off to our Mexican vet in the morning.

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11 thoughts on “Mother Nature is so wonderful

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Crazy situation with Carlie. I hope you are able to find a solution soon. I don’t know what to say about the puppies. I just people would get their pets fixed so this was not a constant problem.

    1. We were not able to come up with a solution as we can’t find the cause. But we are going to try other things.

    2. Lucy says:

      In third world countries people will rarely ‘ fix their pets ‘, that’s the reason why you find puppies & kitten abandoned everywhere ti is @ sad reality, believe I’m familiar( unfortunately) about pet-life Southern the border 😰😰😰

  2. Cindy says:

    Lovely pics as usual. Praying nothing serious for Carlie 💕🐾

    1. Thank you mi amiga. She will be okay.

  3. Sandie says:

    Waiting anxiously for new of Carlie. All those puppies are heartbreaking.

    1. I have to stop thinking about those puppies. I will update Carlie at the vet very soon.

  4. Karen says:

    Ohhh my I hope Carlie is okay! My hugs to her

    1. She was so happy to get your reason for the problem but we have some ideas.

  5. Judith says:

    I know a cat who has had the same problem. Something about the esophagus, the vet said. But it was successfully resolved by canned food, in small meals 3X a day. (The cat LOVEs the dried food, so gets a few of those as a treat.)
    This might help or not.

    1. I really appreciate your input. Going to try even smaller servings

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