Carlie update

We left about 8:40AM for our 10:00AM vet appointment. Carlie had a rough morning even though Colin only gave her a 1/2 serving of her breakfast. Again she could not walk and her back was slightly humped and she did not want to move.  She sat on my lap in a dog bed as we drove. We took the new autopista which worked out really well.

The photos of my girls are just some random shots taken in the past few months.

We arrived at La Jungla twenty minutes early and he took us in right away. We were there a full thirty minutes and at no time did the girls make a peep, whimper or any noise. We could not believe how good they were.

Colin and I were so concerned about Carlie’s health and so very relieved that over time we may be able to help her.  Nothing worse than seeing your dog  suffer.

Dr. Rafael was ever so patient and listened to each of us separately as to how we described the problem. He was extremely thorough, manipulated Carlie’s tummy and other areas, used the stethoscope and listened as he manipulated her all over. She made not a peep and stayed still. Bottom line Carlie is totally healthy, her lungs. her heart. She has a tiny bit of tarter on her teeth. He said it was important to brush her gums which will help keep the teeth healthy. Colin asked him to check her anal glands as well and all was normal. Then we asked him to check Ciela out and she was also 100% He never said a word about cost when we were getting ready to leave. I looked him in the eye and asked how much, he is so humble. Finally he said 700MXN which is $49.60CAD, the cost of one anal gland expression back home. He is the best and most kindest of vets that we have ever had. Our other girls have seen him in the past as well. We now have two 100% twins. He even commented on the great job that Colin was doing with their toe nails.

So what caused Carlie’s problem? We have no idea.

He showed us an actual dog jaw and how it worked. Dogs do not chew their food nor kibble. Those larger teeth about three back from the end of the jaw only cut the kibble in half. Dogs do not chew their food but slice it.

It takes a long time for the acid in the system to break down dog food. Of course every dog is different. Ciela has no problems but Carlie does. He told us that the extreme soaking of her food is a great help to her digestive tract. He suggested that we seperate her breakfast into two servings with time between. The strange thing is that she is fine after lunch and after dinner. So perhaps a late night snack will help.

Our birds love the fresh water that we provided for them. Both for drinking and for bathing.

I asked if it was possible that eating dinner at 7 PM and breakfast at 9AM might be a problem. He said possibly. I suggested that perhaps some snacks at bedtime might help fill her stomach. He said to try it, great idea. The girls only eat breakfast at 9AM because they like to sleep in. We get up and they keep sleeping. We might have to work on that as well.

Here I am doing my kinesiology exercises and Ciela is always there to cheer me on.

Our goal is to prevent Carlie  being in pain after she has her breakfast. The thing is that she hops out of the bed with tons of energy. Then she eats and she suffers. We are extremely happy that it is not a physical thing. So now we now have to try a variety of things to help her out.

How the Isthmus began between the Isla and Chicos, 1920. So much work and effort.

Looks like a plan!!

December 1st sunset.


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8 thoughts on “Carlie update

  1. Cindy says:

    Glad all is ok! 💕🐾 great vet we had taken Foster there too!

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Good to hear that they are healthy but it would also be nice to find out what is causing her the discomfort.

    1. Lucy says:

      Exactly, Contessa, could it be a developing obstruction in her G.I. track ?? Perhaps an MRI will tell…just saying.

  3. Judith says:

    Sounds like the vet gave her a good going over and most likely could have felt or heard something serious. And if it’s only the morning….well, you can experiment with all the options. Reduce food gulping in the morning, etc. I am very glad he didn’t find anything horrid. Sweetie pie dogs.

  4. Linda Sand says:

    I would think there might be a kink in her digestive system. But, sometimes you just can’t find anything so you experiment to see if anything helps. Is the food you feed her in the morning different from other food she eats? For me, dairy causes problems. Which doesn’t keep me from eating it. 🙁

  5. Dee Hardin says:

    My 6 lb yorkie___vet said soaking the 1/4 cup dry kibble — could be adding too much bulk to his small stomach at one time. Praying for you guys to figure it out and quickly so she can feel good

  6. Pauline Watson says:

    Hooray! I’m so happy that Carlie is healthy. 🙂

  7. Heather says:

    I adore you all and those beautiful loving pups <3

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