A bit of this and a bit of that

Carlie continues to do well with us cutting her breakfast into two servings, served 60 – 90 minutes apart.

Colin rearranged our yard a bit including moving one of the chaises to the back 40. The girls like sitting back there to watch the birds.

As you know that after getting my MRI and x-rays I  sent them to my family doctor. The first time she referred me the orthopaedic ‘committee’ but they refused the referral saying that they needed to see the actual film online. I made that happen. Then the committee ( this is new to me, what happens is that all referrals in BC are sent to a small orthopaedic committee ) then decides how to handle your referral, how long can you wait to see a doctor, etc. not to mention the actual surgery. Well they refused my referral for a second time. They insist now on only seeing X-rays and the tests done in BC and within a certain amount to time prior to your referral.

So now I have to wait to contact my doctor and ask for an x-ray referral. Due to the shortage of medical techs, never mind nurses, pharmacists and doctors, everyone has to wait a minimum of 4 weeks before they can have their xray. Then that is sent in another referral by my doctor to the orthopaedic guys and then I can wait up to a year to see someone. Then another long wait for surgery. We did pay for my knee surgery here three years ago but we are not in a position to do that again this winter.

January 25th sunset.

In the good news department, Eric our RV tech here in Mazatlan, has taken apart our Blue Ox tow brake and was able to replace the battery and all is now working properly. It was a very common inexpensive battery. Blue Ox said that when it stops running there is nothing we can do but purchase a new one at about $2000.00USD. That the battery cannot be replaced. They sure have a great business/scam going.

The girls love napping together and surveying the beach activity.

My knee is still a bit swollen but not as bad as before. However it hurts every time I go up and down the stairs. I chanced a beach walk today and I had a bit of pain but it was so wonderful to be back on the beach. Yes I am still doing my kinesiology exercises daily. I have another online session tomorrow.

We had some company from back home (Holiday Park Resort )this past Friday ( January 27th ).Sue and Mike on the left and their sister in law Cheryl visiting from Edmonton.

The plan was to sit a bit and then go down the beach for a drink. Once they sat down they did not want to leave. They said it was the perfect beach day and they just wanted to stay where they were. The girls had a picnic lunch and in addition to wine and beer I provided a wee snack. Sadly it was a bit cool because of the wind but we managed and enjoyed our great vista,

*****Someone contacted me about photos and beach access from both parks here at Tres Amigos before Christmas. I have the photos done but I just can’t sit at the computer too long. That is also the reason that my posts have been sparse. I have lost my contact information for you. Send it to me again either by email or make a comment on this post.

Last night we played MexicanTrain but it did not go well. Too many of us were newbies. We will try it again another night.

Wish you were here as I am once again organizing the Carnaval fireworks cruise. I did not want to but Colin really wanted to go one more time. We still have some spots remaining.

January 26th sunset. Tonight we had 7 boats in the bay.


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4 thoughts on “A bit of this and a bit of that

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Those refusals and waits seem a little ridiculous. Hopefully you are able to cut through some of that red tape and get in sooner.

  2. Deb says:

    I agree with the comment about ridiculous wait times and refusals. X-rays are x-rays regardless of who does them, if they are a qualified tech it really shouldn’t matter. Sometimes I think our Canadian health care system just wants to make everyone wait because they can. Such ridiculous hoops to have to jump through. Good luck.

  3. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, It is hard for me to express in words how much compassion I have for you in going through all this pain and having to constantly experience paperwork and red tape to get the treatment you need. There are other Canadian citizens who also have told me their harrowing experiences with the Canadian medical system. I guess my US personality lends itself to “class action law suits” when there is such treatment. I personally think such treatment is a form of malpractice by the Canadian (or provinces) governments. There has been medical shortages across the globe (no excuse) and many governments put their thinking caps on and “farm out” treatments to private enterprise medical groups until these governments can get their act together by recruiting first class personnel with higher salaries and some perks. Yes, I would find a way to pay for the treatment to get rid of the pain and, at the same time, make an appointment with a torts lawyer and sue their behinds. I’ll get off my soap box now.

  4. Judith says:

    TWO washrooms on that boat? Where ARE they? Sorry I got tickled…can’t imagine having to go and from this viewpoint I can’t imagine. While I am sure they are somewhere, my only guess is the little housing on the back. Still, it should be a great trip with great food and great sights. (This written while we are in a winter storm warning for the next day and a half. ha.)

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