…I do not recall showing you the December 2022 calendar photo. I love my chocolates, both the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate.

January 2023 calendar photo. For some reason the original photos of my 2023 calendar are back in Canada. So this is a photo of the actual January calendar. The top two photos are of the girls as we drove down the horse road to the RV park back in November 2021. They were very excited. Bottom left is our friend Miguel who takes his horses out on the beach most days to offer rides to tourists. Here he was just returning home ( long horse road ) from the beach. Everyday we get his wave and big smile as he passes our RV site.

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2 thoughts on “Hmmmmm….

  1. Those are nice photos and the dogs are always photogenic. You have me confused with 2023 original photos back in Canada when you have been in Mexico since Dec. 2022.

    1. We have to print our 2023 calendar no later than the end of September.So we have always used the photos from the previous year.

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