He came back

Thank you Cindy for the two year memory. Were they really that small?

Colin took the following few photos of the girls before he left.

The afternoon that Colin left, my good friend here in the RV Park who I have known for many many years, Ferne, came to visit for a bit. The girls love her and it was a good distraction for the girls. For some reason we always are having an enjoyable chin wag and photos are never taken.

Monday around 12:30 noonish, Colleen, a very special lady who came into my life a few years ago arrived  for lunch. She has been there for me whenever I have needed her the most. The girls enjoyed her company.

Not only did Colleen come for lunch, she brought it! Homemade vegetarian tortilla soup. She eats the same way that we do.This was my first taste of this Mexican dish in all all the years we have traveled here. Usually it is made with chicken broth. Colleen is an excellent  cook. Carlie is already on the sofa next to Colleen and Ciela is coming on the ramp mid right.

We had an exceptional visit that of course included vino. Time breezed past and we were both surprised to see how close we were to 6PM. A memorable long afternoon well spent. Certainly both the girls and I enjoyed our cherished time with our amiga.

So happy with this photo I took of Ciela.

She does the most cat like thing with her paws.

I have to say that the girls became very needy with Colin gone. This is the first time that they have not had us both at home 24/7. They were okay the first full day, Monday, but after that they clung to me. Literarily.  They had to both be sitting on me if not next to me.  And I do mean both in my lap at the same time. They would run to the window at night looking for Colin and start barking. They would not settle at night in the bed, of course every time I got up to go to the bathroom they got up and wanted out to see if Colin was back. It certainly was not relaxing for me. I had no freedom.  If I sat at the computer to write a blog they were both right there pushing against my leg with their noses. Then the whimpering began, a very soul wrenching cry 😥 Of course they were not having their daily beach walks. I can’t mange them on my own. Likely next winter as they should be moving slower 😆 Hmm I might be as well 😎 But we love them dearly and know that they will change as they get older.

The following is Colin’s return. Ferne graciously agreed to pick him up at the Embarcadero. I knew that they had arrived back to the RV park so I took the girls into the front yard to distract them. Colin came ever so quietly into our site. I did a one minute video. They were so surprised that they did not even bark.

We had a grand reunion and today was their first beach walk in four days.

Colin had to let their leashes go before they reached the water as they were pulling too hard. He says that they had a wonderful walk and Carlie had a swim and that they were very obedient.

I was unable to go with them as I have had a sore throat that started last Saturday. We had been to a function on ( I will post about it ) Friday that was outdoors and I caught quite the chill. Then I lost my voice on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have found my voice but still have a very sore throat. I did do a Covid test and I am just fine. But a beach walk will have to wait a bit longer.


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10 thoughts on “He came back

  1. Catheline says:

    Sorry to hear you have a sore throat, it seems to be going around.
    The photos of the doggies are adorable and the video of Colin’s return is over-the-top
    cute. Thanks for sharing.

    Love reading your blog

    1. Thank you my friend. Hopefully I will be better in 2-3 days.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Cute video of the reunion! I think our dogs could care less if I leave but if Barb leaves they are out of sorts and just kind of mope around.

    1. We can certainly see the difference, they are showing their joy right now all the time. I am getting worn out with all the face licks.

  3. SandyM says:

    Great pictures and that lovely tortilla soup looks delicious. We have tried it all over Mexico. At ElCielo (only 75 pesos) in Plaza Machado and enjoyed it very much with a very nice presentation. Each restaurant and area has their own version of Tortilla Soup. Happy that Colin is back with you and hope he had a wonderful time in Culican.

    1. Thank you Sandy, glad you are back home safely.

  4. Colleen says:

    Lovely blog, lovely visit and what a return!!!!!

    1. And such a lovely amiga.

  5. Glad you managed with the girls! I think the sore throat, laryngitis thing is going around. I’ve had a sore throat with congested sinuses for a week and now laryngitis. Not sick..just an irritating cough from the sinuses. I wear a mask on the bus and in the grocery store. Oh well at least it’s sunny and warm😊

    1. Good to know that its is not just me. Hah, I have no energy to get on a bus, never mind the grocery store.

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