678 miles closer to home

Colin was finishing the last drop of wine. One of our last happy hours on the Isla, as you can see it was cool.

I so love power washing all that sand/dust off that screen before we leave. I am beginning to think that the extra dust this season might have caused my cough. Are my lungs as black as this?

Nice to find these photos to add to our trip home. Joshua tree in bloom enroute to Las Vegas.

Photo of our site in Vegas. Why does that palm tree have such a big bottom?

It appears that the palm branches are cut fairly soon after they grow.

We left Las Vegas Thursday morning as planned but just a bit later. I debated sharing this but you all know that I am totally honest and don’t hide anything. At the RV park in Las Vegas, the RV is parked at the back of the site with the car in front. Colin went to move the Jeep around to the back in order to hook up. I caught his eye and thought that he was telling me to drive the RV ahead a few feet. This is about the limit of my RV driving. So I started to slowly move ahead when he jumped out of the car and yelled NO!! So I slammed on the brake but my foot slipped and I went further ahead. I had assumed that he had unplugged the electrical cord but he had not 🙄  I had damaged the electrical post.Yikes  😳  😯  😥 So we called maintenance and they eventually came by ( it was coffee break time for them ). They looked at the damage and declared that things were okay enough. I did crack the 50AMP plug which they said they could replace. They were very nice about it and did not require us to pay anything.

I admit that I created that damage,

So we were finally driving at noon with no food for us to eat. We stopped in Alamo at 1:15 where we fuelled up, fed the girls and I prepared something for us to eat as we drove. Lowest price yet on this trip for diesel at 4.29. We are travelling with Dianne and Bob and they were ahead of us and took the slightly longer road to Ely ( 42 miles ). They arrived about 40 minutes ahead of us. We had lovely pull thru sites side by side but it was cold so there was no visiting. Fortunately the sun was keeping us warm in our RV. This was our last night with power so I planned dinner accordingly. However because of the expected freezing conditions we did not put our jacks down nor put the slides out. You may recall that a few years ago it froze and we could not get the living room slide in. Colin had to go up the ladder with a boiled kettle of water to pour along the metal cladding over and over until it thawed out. So we were being cautious. We drove 250 miles yesterday.

A few photos today of the drive between Ely and Wells, Nevada.

I have to mention that I am using the laptop which is Photos and I am still only using iPhoto ( on my desktop ) so I have no idea how to crop the photo, etc. One day when I have tons of time I will learn Photos. Meanwhile I know how you all love photos so enjoy them as they are.

Today, Friday the 7th, we woke up to no frost or ice. I had got up in the night and did check the outdoor temperature and it was 27F. It was expected to go down to 19F which is around -8C. Fortunately clouds came in and the temperature did not go any lower. We were on the road about 8:15AM, had a stop in Wells at 10:45 and lunch at a rest area along I84 about 2PM. The snow on the mountains and the ground was dazzling. We have never seen so much snow in all the years that we have travelled this route.

Just before our stop for the night tonight on the Idaho/Oregon border we stopped at exit 28 at a Maverick where diesel was only $3.79 per US gallon. A savings of 50 cents per gallon based on the great low price of 4.29 we paid yesterday in Alamo. So we have an extra $34.40 in our wallets. Today was a longer drive, 428 miles. We are tired tonight.

But first I have to explain what happened when we drove into this rest area. There were two other RV’s there ( turns out it was three ) and we knew them all. Folks from where we live, in Holiday Park. Unbelievable coincidence. We all had had traveled Mexico over the winter. Some more than others.

Us, Bob & Dianne, Kelly & Jack (the three of us make a tight corner on our street ) but we all live in homes likes ours, next you can see a truck which is towing a trailer ( Jay and Ray ) and the last RV belongs to Cindy and Barry. Holiday Park RV meet up.

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7 thoughts on “678 miles closer to home

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    What a cooincidence that you were all at that rest stop at that particular time! Safe travels the rest of the way and good luck at the border!

  2. Deb says:

    Beautiful views. Hopefully the cough gets better soon. Interesting how you folks all showed up, almost like it was planned. Lol.
    Safe travels as you continue homeward.

  3. SandyM says:

    Have an excellent day today… not sure miles wise how far you are from home but it is always good to get there even with all the unpacking and putting away that is ahead for both of you. The photos were great to see and thanks for sharing. Happy Easter to you and hope there is a chocolate bunny for you. Traveling Mercies as always.

  4. Cindy says:

    Small world running into HP folks! Almost home! See you soon!

  5. Sue says:

    What route do you take from Las Vegas and where do you cross into Canada? We’re looking for a quicker route from AZ to Spokane, WA. Thanks!

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    That’s funny that you ran into all those people at that rest stop near Ontario, our world is so large and yet so small in so many ways 🙂

  7. We just drove down to Las Vegas and had a great time! The palm trees in the Vegas area are so beautiful and the weather was perfect. We even managed to get a picture of our RV at the park before we left.

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