Quite the week!

I found a few more photos of “the party ( May 21 ), our private party”, before my actual  birthday ( May 22 ) with all of our guests. Kisses from Carlie while Ciela goes for the chocolate. I was surprised when I saw this.

The girls were very much included in opening of my gifts from Colin.

New glasses ( which actually fit over my eye glasses ) and beads for Carnival.

Yes that many clues for the treasure hunt which led to a gift plus more from Colin.

All from mi amore. Hard to see but the yellow orchid is exquisite.

Last Monday was a hot hot day. 92F/33C. Colin put some chairs out for us to relax in the shade. There is a dog fence across the lawn so that the girls could not go onto the patio. The concrete tiles are much too hot and could burn their feet.

So wonderful sitting under the tree. Fun to watch the various activities out on the lake.

I was able to zoom in on Mom and her ten duckings coming to relax on our beach.

Two days later we actually put the electric heater on behind me where I sit at my desk. Ciela would only eat if we gave her the kibble in front of her in the bed next to the heat!! Unlike Carlie she is not a food dog. Colin actually lit the pilot light on the large fireplace, it was that cold.

Today – Sunday was again cool, windy with rain off and on ( we all wish for last Monday ). I took this because her legs were so sweetly crossed.

Not more than two minutes later she reached up and started to scrape her paw directly on her teeth. For some reason  they both do this every day. Yes they do get their teeth brushed.

Perhaps thirty minutes later Carlie was in the bed by the heater. She likes to put her foot in her mouth and delicately nibble.

Once she is done with her foot in her mouth she then rolls vigorously on her back from side to side – slithering like a snake. Ciela does the same back wriggling once she is done rubbing her teeth with her paw.


…..as I was writing this post Colin and the girls were sitting together on the white sectional. I heard a distress cry from one of the girls at the same time that Colin yelled eagle 😯 I quickly looked up and there was indeed a male ( white head ) bald headed eagle with outstretched wings diving down to our beach.

Not much earlier Mom and her kids had come to the beach to rest. Only nine duckings in this shot!!!

I ran outside in my bare feet to try and send the eagle away. It seemed to work. But then the girls came outside. They were barking up a storm, likely upset by the big bird. They ran to the beach and then the eagle turned back towards us. I flapped my arms and the girls barked at full volume. The duckings went towards the lake into deeper water and  dived straight down 🙁  The eagle left, the babies were okay and we coaxed our girls inside with the promise of a treat. Thank goodness they moved quickly.

Earlier in the day Colin saw an osprey dive into the lake. Its wings were mostly submerged. It worked very hard at getting up out of the water. Finally it did and it had a large fish in its beak, at least 14 inches long 😮 That was a first for us. I missed it. So much happens in a day on our lake that we just have to live in the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Quite the week!

  1. Pauline Watson says:

    Sequoia does that with her teeth too, it’s a sister thing. 🙂
    She also likes to bite her front paw nails; like she sharpens them into little points.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    I was treated to a Blue Heron diving into the mouth of the creek for a fish on my morning walk a few days ago.

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