Road trip

First time writing the blog  on my iPad   Not so easy   I tried to write this post last night but had yet another glitch  with the blog so here I am Tuesday  morning  sitting in the preboarding area  Yes I am going away  Guess where.

Carlie giving her sister some love. I think that she is licking Ciela as well as touching her with her paw

Left my list of blog things to mention at home  I got to the accompanied by the girls and chauffeur Colin  He had the heater on in the car as well as my seat heater on   Lucky me

It has been raining so much that the tomato plant leaves are getting yellow Also our lovely tasty lettuce ( five varieties) are turning brown and soft  The rest of the garden is doing well

It was so cold yesterday that the girls didn’t want to go out. We tried several times but the most they would do is to stick their noses part way out run back inside. At one point I heard the frantic ringing at the front door. It was Ciela. I opened the door and she barely made it out to the lawn. It was rather funny. She just couldn’t hold it anymore.


Big learning curve. I didn’t know that passwords don’t carry any from device to device. I had never put my password into the  iPad and of course didn’t know how to get into my dashboard in order to write this post   I used a phone a friend to get that sorted out.I started working on this when my flight was called  I quickly ate my banana and used the washroom  By then I was at the end of the boarding line  In fact they were paging me to please board   Of course the gate was at the far end of the terminal  and I was the only one walking in that long corridor   I finally came to the gate  where the plane was boarding out on the tarmac ~ in the rain  I was dressed for rain but my raincoat and umbrella were at the bottom of my carry on   Dang….at this point I became aware that the plane was waiting for me  Yikes

PS you may have figured out by now that I have no idea how to get punctuation to work  Where is the shift key

So  I had no choice but to rush out to the plane and get a bit wet  Of course not everyone was seated yet  Took a few moments to realize that the row I was seated in, on my tiny tiny plane had no window in my aisle  Most of you know that I am claustrophobic which is why I sit on the aisle  I really was feeling the mental pressure  So I basically have been sitting with my head down writing this post

For those who want to know this aircraft is a Bombardier Q400   Only two small seats a narrow aisle and two more small seats

So have you guessed where I,m off to

To Edmonton of course  Having seen three chiropractors in Kelowna with no pain relief I decided to get my self to the doctor who always has helped me in the past    It will be a very quick trip  I will be back home by 5pm tomorrow

I know many of you will want to have dinner with me tonight but my plan is to dine with some of the ladies I graduated high school with   We were born in 1953 and will all turn 70 this this year

In case you forgot I crashed my neck into a window the end of April trying to help the window washer move my desk  Despite my knee problem in Mexico I came home the best I have felt in years and now this  I am very hopeful that he can help me  Tonight I am staying in an

Airbnb to save a few pesos  I hope to come home in perfect condition  Definitely not perfect shape but without pain

If you are reading this then all went well with the post  I forgot that I have to be online to save this  Fingers crossed  what a very long ninety minute flight  Wish I  had a window as I can glimpse that we are above the clouds and are in the sun  I will be arriving to much more rain in Edmonton



This would be fun

I am here now. Got wet feet on the tarmac here. Small planes don’t rate a gate and ramp.

Dont forget to read my post from the day before yesterday “Quiet Week “. It is certainly better written than this mess But you have to give me an A for effort.

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3 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Good luck with your appointments, I hope all goes well!

  2. Linda Sand says:

    I understand the challenge so, yes, you get an A for effort. Thanks for making it.

  3. SandyM says:

    Hope your visit to this chiropractor gives you the relief you need to feel better. Hope you can squeeze in several visits for treatment while there and come home feeling like a new
    woman! Now that would be great. Safe travels back home.

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