What a difference a few days make

Can you believe that I spent $31.00 for this aisle seat – no window!!!!

One of my friends ( since grade 7 ) picked me up at the airport as there is no longer a shuttle service to town. And I wasn’t going to spend $60.00 on a cab/uber.

I was dropped off at my airbnb. so that I could unpack and get ready for my appointment. It is for one night plus was half the price of the hotel I usually stay at. Not only has the hotel raised it price it has also discontinued the free afternoon wine and cheese and the wonderful full breakfast so it was a no brainer to find other accommodation.

This is the view from the front door, the private patio was enticing. However it was literally pouring rain.

I no longer own closed toe shoes so instead I wore my oldest pair of Mephisto’s and brought along four pair of socks to keep changing as my feet got wet. It worked. It was also great that the rain stopped closer to 7PM.

I was wet by the time I got to the chiropractors office. But once I stripped off all the wet layers I was fine. I can’t say enough about Dr. McKenna. Within 15 minutes he ‘fixed ‘ me. I was out of the constant pain that I have had since April 27th. My C2 was stuck on my C3 which was restricting my neck movement. So why did none of the other three chiropractors help me? They seem to do the same things over and over for almost every patient. Dr. McKenna listened to what I was saying. He then did a very few muscles/nerve tests. My right side from the neck down was out. He then held the C2 in place with one hand and tested me with his other hand. My body responded positively. He was showing and proving to me what area needed adjusting. He did so and there was none of the head wrenching that two of the others did. Now that had been  painful. His adjustment was painless. So I was back to normal. Of course I was somewhat sore as my body had become use to being in the wrong position.  I was rather emotional to be free of the pain and obviously relieved.

So back out into the monsoon. Directly to the airbnb to change socks and get ready to meet friends for dinner at Chianti. Everyone complained about the weather but we were happy that it was helping with the forest fires.

There were five of us Denise, Carol, myself and Danielle and Renee (photographer).

This is the only photo I have Renee who took the previous photo.

I ordered two of the best chocolate mousse ever made and brought the 70 candles. Four of us had already turned 70 except Renee who gets to wait until December.

Denise got to wear the 70th birthday crown. I think she could almost see herself sitting on a throne.

We talked and laughed and never ran out of conversation. So many smiles. We graduated 52 years ago and we feel as close as we always did. It seemed that 3.5 hours had passed in ten minutes. Fortunately I got a ride back to my loft. I was worn out, it had been a very long day for me. I ended up walking close to 9000 steps which was a lot as I have not been out and about very much.

Sadly I did not sleep well at all, I think I was missing my family. The bed and pillows were super comfortable. The next morning I was up  bright and early. Made myself a coffee and packed up. Instead of checking out I left everything tidy and my suitcase at the door ( with permission of course ) and headed off in the sunshine ( twas lovely ) and back to see Dr. Mckenna for a tune up if needed. I just looked it up on my original blog, the one I started in May of 2010 and discovered that my first treatment with Dr. Mckenna was in 2015. A few times over the years I have seen him twice. Sometimes we drove the RV to Edmonton and other times I flew. In 2017 we both flew and had a mini vacation.

As I sat waiting to see Dr Mckenna in walked a very dear friend. Neither of us could believe our eyes. We both have tears in our eyes.

Mary whom we met many many years ago on the Isla was the one who originally told me about Dr. Mckenna. She is a very gifted professionally registered masseuse. She was wintering in Mexico and started doing massages which is how we connected. But she lived in Edmonton the rest of the time and saw Dr Mckenna on occasion. She was the first person who was truly able to help me. I saw her for many many winters until she left Mazatlan and moved to another lovely city in Mexico. Maria suggested to me that I see Dr. Mckenna if at all possible as she knew he could help me. I also saw her a few times in Edmonton.

The last time I saw Casa Maria ( she has many names  😉 was in July 2018. It was sad as we no longer saw her after that. She has always had a special place in our hearts. So I really had to look twice at her as she did me. We had our mouthes open and tears in our eyes. She now lives in Ontario. It turns out that the same day I flew from home to Edmonton she flew to Edmonton from Toronto. We had both booked to see Dr. McKenna for the same day, one after the other 😯  What are the odds of that happening. The doctor was running late and that is how we came to be in the waiting room at the same time. We just stood and hugged and hugged and finally started to catch up. Obviously the Universe planned for us to be there at the same time. It was very difficult for me to leave but she had plans and I was about to be picked up for a ride to the airport.

We also had a small together visit with Dr. Mckenna. He has to be an excellent chiropractor to have patients flying in to see him. We love him and we love each other. What can I say? There is nothing more special than to have seen Mary and thanks to her to be relieved of my horrific neck pain 🙂

A few less tears here.

My visit to Edmonton was beyond wonderful, dining with my wonderful friends from school, getting “fixed” and seeing my dear friend Mary. What else can I say. Best visit ever!!

Meanwhile back home Colin took the girls along on some errands.

He had no choice but to stay with the girls, they were lonely and wanting attention. Here Carlie has her paw on his knee.

Colin was watching a movie with both girls on his lap and they kept taking turns to watch for me.

Colin left the girls at home when he came to pick me up from the airport. The were like tiny ballistic missiles bouncing off of me once I got home. They never let me out of their site.

Most afternoons I try and sit and relax with a book, a glass of wine and of course the girls. Yesterday at 5PM they were waiting at my chair for me to sit down.

Yes just a few days away and so many changes.





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9 thoughts on “What a difference a few days make

  1. Cindy says:

    So glad the trip was worth it! Seeing old friends always does the heart good!

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Good news all the way around! What are the odds of running into Mary at the chiropractor. Hopefully the adjustment sticks and you are pain-free to a while.

  3. SandyM says:

    What a positive, healing, happy time for you; it sure made me smile. Stay well, Contessa.

  4. Linda Sand says:

    That was a trip well worth making! I’m glad you are, once again, pain free and hope you stay that way.

  5. Karen says:

    What a fantastic trip! Friendship is the best medicine ever! You all look so wonderfully happy, and what a added bonus running into a Isla friend. Dr. Sounds amazing if people are flying in for treatment. But it’s always nice to get home to your family. Well hopefully your pain is gone and with any luck will stay that way for a while.
    Cheers to you my friend and family.

  6. Katia says:

    Wow how beautiful that you went through that experience and found Mari I am glad that the chiropractor will help you and the very beautiful girls love you so much I am very happy for you

  7. So happy you are out of pain! Bonus was meeting up with “forever” friends.

    Great post!

  8. Carol says:

    Glad you are doing better.

  9. Maxx Trails says:

    It is great to hear you are feeling better and had a good time with all your friends. I love the patio at the AirBnB, it looked so pretty.

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