Que Pasa

Thank you for all your comments and get well wishes on feeling better. I continue to feel 99% positive. My neck muscles have to stretch a bit to fit in with my moved C2. Almost there. I continue to do my kinesiology but will admit to slacking on walking everyday. At least its in my thinking and I know that will improve as well.

The golf cart needed repainting due to cracks in the fiber glass and old age. Colin had taken all the little pieces off  including the roof to making it easier to paint and also to decrease the labour cost. We had to wait a few days for the paint to harden and then Colin put it back together.  Happy Anniversary to us ( July 18th ).

Mother Nature has put a halt to the rain and we are heading into some very hot days in the 93F range. We are back to blocking off the hot patio so the girls don’t burn their paws.

Our kitchen lights went out literally a few days after my 70th. Much back and forth with the lighting store and the manufacturer.

Jordan has been here three times thus far trying to trace where the problem is. He had another idea and is coming  tomorrow to test out his new theories.

We won’t be here most of the day but trust him with the key. We are having to start dinner earlier than normal so the we can see in the kitchen. We have just under 50% of our normal lighting. The problem started with the breaker panel tripping over and over. It wasn’t the breaker panel. And as of Saturday we know that it isn’t the transformer which has two legs. That is a huge relief as a replacement starts at $1000.00 which is special order and must be pre payed. and can’t be returned. However there was no guarantee that the existing remotes would work with the new transformer. We can only turn on the 9 lights and 3 spotlights with one of the two remotes which are also dimmers. So very very happy it wasn’t the transformer. But we are still on the dark as to the problem 😳

Once or twice per year we have what is called ‘dancing in the streets’. It is a parade of golf carts winding through our streets. This was the largest group I have seen.

Loud rock and roll music emanating from the speaker in the lead cart. If there are people outside or come out of their homes, who want to dance or sing along then the cart parade stops and everyone jumps out and so begins the dancing in the street. Obviously folks at our end of the street were happy to dance.

The geese and ducks share our beach and don’t bother each other.

This is the same duck family we have had for a few weeks now and they still have ten duckings. The one family of geese are down to three goslings. Many geese on the lake but almost no families. The powers that be do egg addling in the spring.

Ciela has changed a bit in the past few weeks and now likes to lay in my arms like a baby when I sit and read. Very very seldom do I have only the one dog on my lap.

Ciela has also started laying next to Colin while he plays. Today she even came in from outside to do so.

Does anyone know if this is true? I certainly hope so.

Colin put the hammock in the shade earlier this afternoon. He hadn’t even had a chance to take his gloves off.

They enjoy anything that is different and love to be mentally stimulated.

Interesting. It could’ve been an RV but I think it was a bus.




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7 thoughts on “Que Pasa

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Electrical problems are so frustrating! My son is good at troubleshooting them but I just do not have the patience.

    1. Wait until you see the cause. We were very lucky that we did not have a fire.

  2. The electrician should be able to fix the problem or he must go back to school! Btw your kitchen looks a lot like mine. Have the same faucet, paper towel holder and the stove looks very similar except I have electric.

    1. We do now have electricity. It was quite unsettling why we had no power. Will post soon.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Oh my gosh I love that poster of “eat whatever you like”. I’m going to believe it’s true 😊

  4. Katie says:

    …and I you! Contessa, I must apologize, I did t realize you were 5Cs! Had no idea. I know now.

    1. No worries, just happy that I found yo once again.

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