Que pasa

We have been living in a whirlwind this past week. Just under nine weeks from today we will heading south once again. We can hardly wait. If I say the word beach the girls get excited. So many things happening and to be decided.

A lovely couple has approached us and asked to see our home as they want to buy it 😥  The price is right. However there is no way that I could get my house emptied for someone else in just nine weeks. Colin and I have been thinking long and hard, twisting things over and over, asking so many what ifs that my head is spinning. Bottom line we are not selling right now. The buyers are okay with waiting until May ( June I hope ) to make the final decision. Obviously we will be looking at Mexico with a different perspective the next 5 – 6 months. We can move anywhere we want in Mexico but where? I see a few road trips within Mexico coming up. Apparently many new condos are being built on the Isla right now.

Morning nap on the window bench. This might be the first time that they have shared the space. They do so daily now.

One thing we have decided is that we will only rent and not buy in Mexico. We are free to start closing down the company next year and to stay as long as we want anywhere in Mexico. We will need to explore different locations. I think that I need the ocean and the beach otherwise I would be unsettled. Nothing stopping us from renting eight months on the Isla and then moving inland to enjoy cooler weather during the summer, or traveling in the RV to visit places in the US or even back here for two months or so. However if we find something just perfect for us then we will sell this house in the spring. On the other hand what if my body gives out in 2 -3 years and I become housebound, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else but here on the lake. Money is not everything. If we are careful then we can keep this house and rent somewhere. As you can see there are so very very many decisions to make. We did build this home as our final forever home which is why we put so many extras into it. We have also considered renting out our home for a few years but certainly don’t want it to get trashed.

Late afternoon visitor to the lake this past Tuesday.

I refuse to be stressed. Yesterday I turned my loaner hearing aides back in. I had to either return the loaners or order my personal set. I just don’t have the time nor the patience to figure out why such and such is squealing or snapping and creating noise in my ears. I will try again in May or June when I have time to go get things checked out weekly to create the optimum use of hearing aids. $8,000.00 is a good deal of money to spend for something you won’t use.

He taxied for a long time.

In my heart of hearts, I want to take this coming winter off to just sit, relax and regroup ( and read and read ) in our new location and of course walk the beach. With our temporal visa we have four full years to decide what we want to do. I am always so organized and structured but at this point we have an idea but no firm date of when we will come back to Canada. I have even let our accountant know. I have to have the company year completed by the end of April but who knows when that will happen in 2024. Our accountant said that he can handle it and make it work for us 😎 New location information still coming in a post.

He must have had a heavy load as it took a long time before he achieved lift off. These photos were taken from inside our house.

Two nights ago I made a tasty stir fry with our garden veggies plus baked our main in the oven. The oven would not shut off. It just kept running. In the end we had to shut down all the electricity in the house. We called Coast Appliances where we purchased all of our kitchen appliances back in 2012. Basically all they could advise was to call a repair company. Just before the power went out, I saw error code F11. That gave us something to research yesterday. We also called Frigidaire Professional directly but they were of little help. In the end we went from what we learned on Google and reset the oven. We made pizza last night and heated the oven to 500F and it shut down perfectly as it was supposed to. Domtech told us they we needed a new code board and that you couldn’t get then anymore but they happened to just have the one. No thank you, for the cost of the board and their hourly rate we will wait and see if this happens again. Besides we are still able to get parts of our ancient 2001 RV.  A 2012 oven should not be so difficult.

Slices of zucchini, tomatoes and Swiss chard from our garden were added. It is always so good that we seldom have leftovers.

Getting into our dentist for a cleaning has been difficult this year. We go once a year and I usually just book a few months in advance. However this year we have been on a waiting list for two months. Yesterday we both received a call to come in, me in the morning and Colin in the afternoon, two separate hygienists. When I paid they asked if I wanted to book for next year 😯 I have no idea where I will be next year so no. Glad to cross that off the to do list. Yes I know we can easily get our teeth cleaned in Mazatlan and in time we will.

Just now I got a phone call from Rogers, they are taking over cell phone coverage from Shaw. I have no choice in that decision but they are giving me a pretty good deal to transport my phone keeping the plan I have, but are also willing to change it to a three country plan ( Canada, USA and Mexico ) for $55.00 per month which is the Shaw rate and guarantee me that price till April 2028. The Rogers price for that three country plan service is $105.00 per month. Off I go to research which is best and of course checkout the current Telcel pricing. If anyone has some great suggestions re cell phone plans this is the time to share.

Thanks for the photo of this cute guy, Sue K. His pockets are full of beans.

Yesterday at dusk. Chairs are in a planned disarray as an eagle distraction tactic.

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8 thoughts on “Que pasa

  1. Lucy. says:

    Contessa, sent U a private but it bounced! It was related to Catherine message on August 9. 2023 ( please read it & think about it ).

    1. Lucy. says:

      Contessa, now you got it & now… I got it !! 😁 💃💃

  2. Lucy. says:

    Contessa, wow… U amigos surely have tons of thoughts / decisions to make into your skulls. Wonderfull pictures the guy’s picture with the pockets full of beans is outstanding, cutest picture ever !!😁😁

    My regards: Lucy.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    So much to think about, so much to prepare for, so much to look forward to! Now that you have this on your plate your time is going to fly by. Cannot wait to hear about your next steps.

  4. Croft says:

    Lots to think about and plans to make. It will all fall into place, no need to push yourselves. I like your plan to keep the house for now. The oven probably just needed a “reboot” like any other computer, it will probably be just fine. Just relax and breathe!

  5. Karen says:

    I am so excited for the both of you! Such a fantastic decision, we wish we could purchase your lake house but that’s out, it’s Mexico for us as well,but I’m not making any plans while I’ve still got my 99 year old mom here. I am extremely interested in Rogers 3 county plans and definitely checking this out first thing Monday. Thank you for the information you are truly a book of knowledge for me.
    Love to you and and Colin and of course the adorable fur babies

  6. Kim Scheller says:

    You need to call Colin “Mr. Green Beans”.

  7. Maxx Trails says:

    It will be hard to give up your home here in the Okanagan, it is so beautiful. Lots of things to figure out but such exciting times coming up 🙂

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