So hot and a major decision made

Breaking heat records today. Yesterday it was scorching but today it is searing hot, we got up to 102F. Finally down to 86F at 9PM tonight as I type this. The A/C is still on. I had to drive into town for my kinesiology appointment early this afternoon and then I made seven stops on the way home 😯  About six too many. Some short and some much longer. It was wonderful to walk into the cool air at home. The A/C is working just fine in my car but with all the stops it barely cools down. Sadly the heat is generating many new fires 😥

The first morning that Colin was gone I looked outside. Where were the girls? They usually spend the morning hours in this dog bed.

We leave in seven weeks and six days for Mexico. I have to start doing all the to do’s. I don’t even have a list, I am doing things as they pop into my mind.  Colin spent the last two ( very very long and hot ) days doing photography ( interiors and exteriors of a multi million dollar home ) for one of our clients. He will be home now for at least a week sitting at his desk doing editing and photoshop. The girls missed him so much, it was sad to see. Each time a car drove past they jumped up to see if it was him. Last night when he finally got home after 10PM ( he left at 8:30AM and never had a break all day ) the girls very firmly expressed to us that they would be sleeping in our bed. In fact they were asleep on top of the bed covers with 15 minutes of Colin getting home. They could finally relax and rest. The last few days had been difficult for them.

How could they lay on that hot concrete? Can you see who is the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate girl?

This might be why they call them hot dogs!

The lovely couple who are extremely interested in purchasing our home came by this past Saturday. They were measuring a variety of areas inside and outside of our home. Once done we sat down to have ‘the’ discussion. The numbers seemed to work, however there was no way that I could sell, pack up my home and find a place to store everything in just eight weeks. I kindly explained that we were interested but the time was not right for us. I refuse to be homeless. So we agreed to speak again May/June. Such a relief, decision made. We will look at the Isla and other areas in Mexico through different eyes this coming winter. Depending on what we find and where, then we will rethink the house sale or just keep it 😎

This just might make the perfect new home for us! Doxiemobile.

Lovely sunset this evening, likely in part due to the smoke we have had for a few days.

The triplets, February of 2021. They were so very tiny. Wish I could go back and hold them at that size again.

Here at home in March of 2021. Those tiny noses grew so fast. I love them all over again.



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11 thoughts on “So hot and a major decision made

  1. Catheline says:

    It probably isn’t my place to say, but I’m going to anyway, don’t sell and don’t buy, rent if anything… You can PM me if you are interested in my reasoning.
    Love reading your blog

  2. I have to say I agree with the above comment. It would not be a good idea to get out of the Canadian house market as you’d never get back in. Give it a couple of years before you decide what to do. Health is a fragile thing and I personally would rather be at home should I become very ill. Rent, explore and come home to your beautiful home on the lake. Just my opinion even though we bought in Mazatlan. 😊

  3. Contessa and Colin, your faithful readers/friends are a bit concerned about your recent decisions and I also know that it is not my place to question them, but here it goes: So here is another question not knowing how well off you are in regard to your retirement income: If you qualify for the Old Age Security payments from Canada presently, then those payments will stop as you will be away longer than 6 months from Canada. Also house prices will rise every year in this country should you consider buying again at a later time. Politically things could change even though Mexico is part of the free trade. Lastly, our climate is pretty good compared to that part of Mexico you have been vacationing and thankfully we do not have hurricanes here 😉
    Sorry if my comments upset you, I’m your friend.

    1. If you check the Government of Canada website they note that as long as you have lived in Canada for 20 years you may still collect OAP while residing outside Canada. CPP of course is a contributed benefit and is available as well. I do have a knowledgeable friend who is collecting both. The Canadian government is probably happy not to have to look after us “oldies” if we reside in another country so OAP is a small thing 😁

  4. Shirley Whitelaw says:

    Hello Contessa,
    Like previous commenters, I feel like this is NOMB , but I strongly recommended don’t sell.
    Once you get out of the Canadian market you will be OUT.
    We made the decision to leave a lovely condo in Tsawwassen in Feb/21 to move to Penticton.
    It is not a good fit, personally and interest-wise.
    It is not what we expected- too hot, dusty and windy.
    We miss our friends and interests very much,
    And of course getting back to Tsawwassen is very expensive.
    Looking back we should have rented for a year to try it out.

    With kind thoughts for you

    1. Lucy. says:

      Contessa, agree with all 4 comments above; housing & health coverage are ‘ serious, risky & delicate issues ‘. God bless u all 4. My regards: Lucy.

  5. Jim and Barb says:

    Interesting to read all the comments. It is a tough, personal decision. We will be interested in seeing how you progress with your decision over the coming weeks and months.

    1. Lucy. says:

      Ditto to Jim & Barb, but is just we’re trying to help with our experiences regarding those matters. Respectful to all: Lucy.

  6. Pauline Watson says:

    Puppy pictures!! You made my morning seeing those adorable photos:-)
    Wishing you the Lord’s blessings in all your decisions and planning for the winter in Mexico.

  7. Deb says:

    I have been reading your posts with great interests. I’m sure you and Colin will make the best decisions for you. I have no doubt your plans are all well thought out, and that whatever you decide to do will be the an amazing adventure and I look forward to watching it unfold. Good luck!

    1. SandyM says:

      My thoughts, too, Deb, you expressed them well and before I did. Contessa and Colin Rex and I wish you well on this new adventure in your life.

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