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As usual we have some activities and events to share with you all.

Our neighbour Steve has trained our girls to sit still and wait for a treat.

I am going to ask Steve to train the girls to pour wine.

The ash from the fires has been totally cleaned up at least here at home. Colin even washed the windows inside and out and got rid of as many spiders and their nests as possible. Sadly the fire activity increased this weekend. Mostly heavy smoke at the moment. Of the three main fires only the McDougal Creek fire on the Westside remains out of control. It is approximately 14,000 hectares / 35,500 acres and still growing.  They say that it will burn for at least another two months, likely into the winter. Last I heard 405 homes are still under education order.

I love this photo. I don’t know who took it but it was online. The helicopters are still still dropping water all day everyday.

While up on the roof cleaning out some debris from one of our rain chains he noticed some areas in our metal flashing between the house roof and the add a room roof that needs to be resealed. Prevention is the best way to stay ahead of unnecessary repairs.

We did get some rain last week but it wasn’t enough.

I just want to emphasize that we are not going to be selling our home ( unless something hits us on the head this winter in Mexico ). Even so we will only rent in Mexico. Many of you have commented on us receiving our OAP ( old age pension ) and CPP ( pension that we paid into while working ) if we move away. We are legally able to get it wherever we are living in the world, even Tahiti. I have been there and that is not a choice, Mexico is mucho mejor 😎 Our medical insurance is good for 7 months at a time per year. Or we can take 24 months once every five years. Or take 7 months from one year followed back to back with 7 months for the next year for a total of 14 month. However we still need to take out  medical travel insurance. I truly can’t see us spending our summers in Mexico. So so many options. We could store our RV in the USA and drive back to Canada for few months.

A few days after Colin did all the power washing he went into our outside freezer and discovered that the contents were 95% ruined. So glad that I was not home. It was a huge job for him to clean up. I had already purchased some things for the winter which we can’t get in Mexico. C’est la vie 😉

Meanwhile the girls have been muy ocupada these past 8 or so days. Somehow they have even able to catch a snake on two separate days. As you can guess Ciela Bella captured the first one, clenched it in her teeth and swung it from side to side until it expired. The snake bled red onto the patio 😥  A few days later Carlie caught a snake and did exactly what her twin had done. I am so glad to have been away ( shopping and appointments ) and missed seeing these events.

Snake hunting involves getting a face full of cobwebs.

Ciela went on a hunger strike, she had been eating less and less day by day. Carlie’s body is not happy and she has had trouble keeping her food down and was not getting any nutrition. And with the baby deciding to stop eating Colin decided it was time for a change. So he did a great deal of research. He brought back a small bag made by the Honest Kitchen, Grain Free Chicken Recipe Tasty Whole Food Clusters.

The girls don’t usually play with toys. But they were doing a tug of war with they pink flamingo. Maybe they thought it was a snake.

Of course more expensive than their regular kibble but they both loved it. Pet owners know that new foods need to be introduced slowly at least over a week. The girls simply gobbled it up. They only ate the new kibble and left the old in their dishes. The girls only wanted the new stuff. It has been almost a week now and they are content and we are happy. So glad this all came together before we purchased 6 months worth of the wrong dog food.

This is cute. The wiener is being directed by another dog where to aim to do his business.

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