Harsh Reality & Que Pasa!

This is the blog post that disappeared. I finally figured out how to redo the blog with a lot of cut and pasting and an extra hour. It was to have published March 10th. I wish I could’ve repaired it in the blink of an eye. But I will backdate this March 10th even though today is March 13th.

A daily event.

Sorrowfully, we only have 41 more sleeps here on the Isla before we head North. Will this be the last time? We definitely hope so but have many more things on the to do list once we get back to Canada. Regardless we will be back here before the end of October.

Three is our maximum.

Hope to see Kirsten and Randy somewhere along the road. Loved having you between us.

Colin has begun the task of sorting out the RV basement, figuring out what we will store here ( that means more room for “stuff” to come back with us ) and what will be discarded. That included bringing the rest of our wine out of the basement.

Early morning incoming.  We have had overcast skies and much wind the last few weeks.

..and the photographer. Unfortunately my Photos program is no longer working so I can’t crop any photos. Actually I can’t do anything in Photos at all. GRRR

The last of our wine has been brought up into the RV from below. It was my job to count the days until departure and the bottles of vino blanco remaining. This was the harsh reality. We have a departure date and we certainly won’t have enough wine until we get to the USA 😥 Very serious indeed.

We had four friends leave on this vessel this past Wednesday. Our almost next door neighbours and their neighbour’s. Going to spend a few weeks in the Baja enjoying the whales and other sites.

In the Que Pasa department, my computer issues remain unresolved. I am now upgraded to iMac OS Ventura but that has brought a few glitches. Such as not being able to have a newly opened tab connect to Safari. The worst issues are that my Time Machine will not work nor my Photos program. Jorge has sent me some suggestions of things to do but that is above both of our pay grades. Even with Goggling his suggestions we have no idea where to start. So now I have to wait until he can find a spare 30 minutes in the next two weeks 😮 Needless to say it is most frustrating and takes double the time to work on anything online.

Unfortunately my $35.00 worth of wild flower seeds from Canada that I had planted did not survive. It likely had something to do with some soil we were gifted from a parcela ( ejido piece of communal land ) that was full of horse manure and weeds. The tiny seedlings were suffocated. It was a dream that I had, to have wildflowers all over but then I had to go with Plan B.

We went to four viveros/nurseries and finally at the 5th one we found exactly what we were looking for. I have never had trouble growing bougainvillea here on the Isla. These are supposed to be short bush type plants, not like the tall ones I had back in the RV park.

Colin did the hard work while I cut the plastic covers off the plants. Of course I placed each plant in the exact perfect location as required. You can see Genie and I walking away. The very next day a herd of goats complete with a papa, some mammas and a baby were walking down the road to feast on my new plants. Joe chased them off. So now he can add rooster wrangler and goat herder to his resume. Fingers crossed that those critters stay away.

How many sets of sheets and towels do you travel with in your RV? Personally I always have a fresh set out and in use and another set at the lavanderia. Here on the Isla we have a laundry service off the Main Street at R’s. There is another lavanderia in the Colonia at A’s. We have used him since 2009. We have tried R off and on but there have been errors here and there. This year it is a new machine that is leaking oil into my clothes. Sadly the laundry in the Colonia is so popular that it can’t meet promised deadlines. Even with a full week to do our laundry we have been left 3 or 4 times since Christmas having to sleep directly on our mattress and use beach towels to have a shower with. He does a fabulous job but is too busy to follow through on his promised dates. Instead of Thursday noon we got our laundry back a full 48 hours later. Plus he will be retiring in December. Not sure yet how we will handle this. I do plan on now having 3 sets of linens.

We no longer have to deal with time change here in Mexico. But it would be lovely if the price of groceries decreased sooner than later.

We continue to navigate the complicated world of international health care insurance. Each company has something different to offer. It is not as easy as comparing apples to apples. In our case we have until Colin’s 75th birthday to settle on the company we will be using. Any suggestions you might have will be appreciated. Once we are out of Canada for seven months we will no longer be covered for health insurance. I have read that the US will cover their citizens no matter how long you have been out of country. We are not looking for international coverage but mostly for Mexico with the option to purchase a week or two in the US when we decide to travel there.

We have had some lovely sunsets in the past few days.


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5 thoughts on “Harsh Reality & Que Pasa!

  1. SandyM says:

    Lovely sunset and you know I enjoy all of the sunrise and sunset photos. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. I love the bougainvillea as the colors are so clear and beautiful. Some think they are too messy/dirty but I do love them. They will grow fast and be beautiful.

    1. Deborah S says:

      Have you looked into Mexican health insurance rather than international? At almost 75, Colin may not be able to get coverage but it’s worth looking into. And no, the US doesn’t cover its citizens outside of the US except in limited circumstances and with certain policies (dual US- Canadian citizen here). Suerte!

  2. Lucy. says:

    Contessa & Colin, love all the pictures specially the one where the girls are running wild at the edge of the water they seem so happy. How colorful are those plants you guys placed in the front area of your lots, super cool, hopefully ‘ some 4-legged animals ‘( & 2-legged animals as well) keep away from them 🤪. Leo que tienes mUchas cos.as para solucionar para poDer establecerte en el isthmus, but it looks like is worth your hard job & efforts, the park is a beauty, love it !!!! Buena suerte a ti y Colin en todos vuestros emprendimientos!!

  3. sue says:

    I love the new home you’ve created for yourselves, even with all the trials and tribulations! Do you and Colin own the site and rent out the spaces to friends/others or are you, too, renting/leasing your spot? When we traveled to Mexico some years ago we found it was very difficult for us (US citizens) to actually purchase land or a home there and wonder if things have changed?

  4. Susie says:

    Have you considered your own washer .we also had one in our motor home and hung clothes outside to dry..Love the sunsets..

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