Holy toledo!

We has some special visitors near the end of February. So nice to see Dennis and Marilyn and their sweet pup Lea.m Our few hours together passed quickly.

I did publish a post on March 10th called Harsh Reality & Que Pasa.  Click this link to read that post. Despite writing blogs since 2010 I somehow managed to hit the wrong button or link or whatever. I actually rewrote the entire post via copy and paste but it still would not publish. I have recently been informed that I may have published this post twice. Time to move on with tonights post.

Last week we had nine boats in. The vessel 6th from the left has a red hull. They stopped in one day just to say hola. They have been sailing in that boat for 24 years and even brought up their children as they toured the world. They were stopped here for a few days waiting for the weather to clear so they could sail over to the Baja and up north.

My computer guru was occupied with work until Sunday. She graciously was able to sort out the problem. I still have no idea what I did wrong. But here I am once again.

This one is becoming a regular visitor. Should we give him/her a name?

The funny thing was that I finally got my computer working again to my satisfaction for the first time since February 8th. So I wrote the post and it all fell apart. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am back on track. If any of you have any issues with my post please send me an email.

Before Colin left for Culican I asked a friend in the ‘hood’ to use her washing machine. Between the two Isla lavenderias I am having issues. This time I wanted to wash several sundresses. It all worked out and I had a lovely visit with Nancy and Randy. I just may have to get my own machine next fall. As I walked back with my wet clothes I realized that Colin would be on the beach with the girls. However he so very thoughtfully set up the clothes line, the clothes pegs and a table to put my basket on. Oh and hangers as he knew I dried my dressed on them. I was overwhelm with his helpfulness.

We figured out a way to give Carlie shade as she surveys her kingdom. The girls so love being here. However I am unable to walk them on my own on the beach with all the various distractions. They missed two days of walking on the beach but they were fine with it.

The last seven days have been busy. Colin went to Culiacan last Wednesday to stay with Maestro Heriberto. He was back home by 9PM Friday. His bus was delayed 90 minutes in both directions. That is a first, in all the past years the bus has been one time. Regardless he got there and had a wonderful time. That left me with the girls which was fine except for the feral cats. We are constantly working on that and have different approach since Colin returned. Basically speaking to them quietly asking them to be quiet and if they don’t then spray them in the face with water. Thanks for that suggestion Russel. We would spray them but not in the face.

Last Wednesday, first night Colin was gone.

Instead they sat at this window waiting for a cat to walk past. Sunset thru the window but you first have to get past all of the dog nose prints:)

Last Thursday’s sunset. They don’t get much better than this. There was some moisture in a few of the clouds, hence the grey shades.

I used my iPhone for this one and I think it went rather over the top in the colours. Still dramatic and beautiful.

Hopefully you are all able to open this post. So sorry about any errors but Colin’s dinner is ready and it smells divine.



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7 thoughts on “Holy toledo!

  1. Laney says:

    Hola….your March 10th post doesn’t open without a sign-in and password. Gorgeous sunsets! Wow.

  2. Cindy says:

    Wow amazing photos!

  3. Christine says:

    Unable to access the March 10 post. Sign in and password needed 🫤. Love your posts and all the lovely photos!

  4. Deb says:

    I have been following but not commenting. It seems as if you and Colin are getting everything worked out. I am always amazed at the thoughtfulness of the man, he is truly a gem. You are very fortunate. Your determination is a very definite asset as I think you are tenacious in getting things done and unraveling the issues. Colin is fortunate to have you.
    Good luck as you continue this amazing journey and transition to a new country.

  5. SandyM says:

    Over the top sunset photos. Thank you for sharing. I am sorry for not contacting you directly about receiving multiple emails about the March 10 post. I thought it would be the fastest way to contact you and I was in no way being critical of you or your posts. I look forward to each post you make.

  6. Karen says:

    I’m sorry happy you have everything back under your control, we love your stories and look forward to seeing them pop up. One thing I miss about Colin is listening to his beautiful music. Glad he went to cuiligan once again. I was planning a visit in your direction but Dave has buggered up his knee. He’s had issues for years since a partial replacement, we will get it looked at at home thinking full replacement is time. Maybe Mexico next year if it’s not fast enough at home,
    Love to you four 😻😻😻

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