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First of all I am almost back to normal between my computer and the blog. However your comments are not reaching me via my inbox. At this point I can go to the post itself and see if I have any comments. But it really would be so nice to work properly for me. So be sure to leave comment as I will see it. Meanwhile there are folks behind the scenes working on this.

Sadly in other news Colin had to take Carlie to the vet this morning. She was spasming with pain and you could tell by her eyes that she really was suffering. So hard to see her in such distress. Carlie ate her breakfast and about 15 minutes later she was in agony.  We wondered if she had a blockage. Our regular vet was too far away. In the end it turned out that the vet Colin took her to had just moved and was even further away. About a 42 minute Didi ( like Uber ) ride. So the ride there and back was only 250MXN which is about $20.00 CAD. Plus it was much quicker than driving there ourselves.

Colin took Carlie in her carry bag, well padded with blankets so she did not bounce around. I had given her a pain pill about 90 minutes before she got to this vet. She was having a bit less pain. Within ten minutes the vet had it all sorted out. You can Google ‘bad absorption syndrome’. Not sure if that is the problem. We have her on 2 pain pills, antibiotics and Meloxicam. The latter is a great medicine for doxies who have back trouble. I refuse to travel without it. Thank goodness I have a full bottle with us. The main differences between meloxicam and ibuprofen are: Meloxicam is considered a stronger medicine than ibuprofen. Meloxicam is only available on prescription and ibuprofen is available over the counter as well as on prescription. Meloxicam is a long-acting medicine that only needs to be given once a day.

Long story short we have her on all these meds for a week. Some a bit less and one a few days longer if needed. Seven days after she stops the antibiotic ( very strong one ) we are to bring in a stool sample to a special lab in Centro. Based on that result, further tests will be done including blood work. This is putting us to almost a week before before we leave. One day a time, poco a poco.

Ciela was so very upset with her sister gone. She would not leave the gate where Colin walked out carrying Carlie. I gave Ciela a bed and made some shade for her. She was whimpering as to being separated from her sibling.

About ten minutes after Carlie was being examined by the vet, Ciela let out a loud shriek and crouched to the ground. She let out a sharp bark and then seemed normal again. Was that a twin thing? I think so. She was feeling Carlie’s pain at being physically manipulated.

Once home Carlie slept the day away. Ciela stayed pretty close to her. It was quite the day for us. Most unsettling. She is almost pain free tonight and of course they will both be in bed with us tonight. Updates tomorrow.

Stayed tuned for more news of our continued que pasa.



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10 thoughts on “Just a few things

  1. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    Bad news Good news. We feel for you and know it has been a real emotional time. So glad things seem to be doing better and better.

  2. Catheline says:

    I feel your pain. When your puppy is ill the whole family is ill.
    I’m sending prayers that all will be well.

    love reading your blog

  3. Genie DeLauro says:

    Thankful Carlie is on way to getting better❤️

  4. SandyM says:

    How very stressful you all of you. Wishing better days ahead for you. Easter celebration is upon you….the beach will be full. Enjoy every day.

  5. Karen says:

    Ohhh gosh that’s a stressful situation for all 4 of you, so glad to hear that it’s under control! Nurse Contessa to the rescue. We will be thinking of Carlie today for sure.

  6. Lucy. says:

    Hi, wishing Carlie continues to improve & you’ll 4 are able to relax & been able to enjoy the remaining time U guys have in the Isthmus.

    Virtual huggies to the bunch 🌺🌿🌼.

  7. Hopefully Carlie is better now and you can figure out what caused it. Blogger seems to make changes all the time and we have to learn to adapt to them.

  8. Lucy. says:

    Contessa, I wish upon reading this note Carlie is back to normal; Been thinking would it be possible that ‘ the bad absorption syndrome ‘ is due to faulty secretion of her digestive enzymes ? Food isn’t processed, gas builds in the gut & becomes terribly painful…something to think about it, uh ? Virtual huggies to the whole bunch.🐥 🐥 🐥 🐥

  9. Test test test.

    C let me know if you get this!

    1. Lucy. says:

      Contessa, ooopsssss you compu. went bananas again !😩 😰 😰

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