Que Pasa and Good Friday on the Isla

The days continue to go by rather quickly. Carlie settled after a few days. However today she began to shake with pain once again. I ended up giving her Gabapetin and after a few hours she relaxed. Once she did, she came and found me and licked me all over 😥  They are so very helpless. She was once again shaking with pain with her tail tucked under. I don’t know if it was the correct thing to do but I could not leave her in pain.

Once Carlie settled ( she was so restless and moving around & around ) Ciela came to sniff her and kiss her a few times. Then she laid close to her sister, giving she some comfort.

This Easter weekend is called Semana Santa here in Mexico.Semana Santa translates to “Holy Week,” and it is the annual tribute of the passion of Christ, an event referring to the week of the crucifixion (execution) and resurrection (rebirth) of Jesus in the Bible. For many here in Mexico it’s a vacation, a time to travel, to hit the beach, like Spring Break. However, prices are inflated and roads are congested. You will pay double for a hotel and sit in traffic for hours. 

Chivos, to our left – facing the shipping channel. Their beach was full of umbrellas and of course people.

So very true even here on our tiny Isla. This year they made the main road a one way circular road  to try and help control traffic. Yet there were line ups from our road to to exit the community the last few evenings  All part of the fun. Those of us who live here know to stock up on pesos y liquidos y comida. We only leave our compounds for walks among the hordes. Some do crossover to Mazatlan via the lanchas. Most of the morning and from 5 pm on, there are long lines waiting to cross the shipping channel.

The following photos are from the Isla beach. SO very many banana boats out on the water.

Colin and I love the energy of the whole experience. We have had dense fog the past few mornings  but it usually clears by 10AM. Good news for the up coming eclipse 🙂

In other news, Colin and I visited our Mazatlan this past Monday, First we had to go pick up the results of all the tests we had done last Saturday. We are both in wonderful health. I can’t say perfect as I have a bit of high cholesterol – Colin as always is perfecto.

People were everywhere.

We both were shocked when our MD said that the medical insurance company we had chosen was not reputable. They often did not pay. I called the three main hospitals here in Mazatlan and only Alhma accepted the insurance company but the fellow who submits the claims told us that it took very very long and sometimes even much longer to settle a claim and many times, not due to a variety of issues 😳 Well that was the end of that company. You may recall that we have spent over a month doing medical health insurance. So back to the research. It just did not make sense.

Why would we pay on average pay an annual fee of $16,000.00CAD for the two of us to have a policy?  Then we would have to each pay a deductible of $13,500CAD for the first time we use the insurance. If you do the math it adds to a large pile of dollars. FYI this is the lower rate of the hundreds of insurance policies out there. If you manage to find a lower price, it turns out the once you read the VERY fine print that you won’t be covered for much. Such as an  accident, ie vehicular or just a fall, you must have multiple trauma. It took me several hours and phone calls to define that. It means not just a broken hip but also a wrist. The policy only covers two or more traumas per accident 😡  Severe burns need to be third degree and over 30% of your body!!!!

And then there is the sepsis clause. My Dad died because of sepsis 😥  The criteria to be covered for this condition is:

Sepsis can kill in less than 12 hours.


How long does sepsis take to cause death?
As the attack spins out of control, it can damage the heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs. It can even be fatal. The disaster unfolds quickly. It can take as little as 12 hoursfrom the earliest signs of infection to organ failure and death.Aug 3, 2023
No way for this to be processed for an insurance claim.

Our home is to the left of this photo. We only saw two empty tables. So many people here to enjoy the Isla.

At this point Colin and I are thinking that It might be better for us to self insure. That means that we pay as we go for anything medical. As we are both healthy, why spend so much on an insurance policy for “just in case”. We are also considering joining IMSS so that if we have an accident or other trauma we can present ourselves and be able to be seen by a doctor. It is not ideal and certainly not a top hospital but you will get treatment.

At one point during the afternoon I counted 14 banana boats our on the water.

You may begin your application online or by visiting a local IMSS office in your community. Premiums depend on age. For those aged 50 to 59, IMSS currently costs about $63 per month per person.For people 60 to 69, it is $89 per month, and 70 to 79-year-olds pay $93 per month.Jan 6, 2024
So you have not heard from me because because we have been involved in all of the above. I did take yesterday, Good Friday off and Colin and I did a beach walk and I read half of a mystery novel. The photos in this post come from that wonderful walk. Colin will take Carlie to the vet on Monday. We have an extra special guest coming the 2nd of April ( we also have two wonderful friends arriving that day as well but we will see them on the 3rd).  We need to be back to normal by very soon.
I am trying to say up to date with my posts but as you can see life gets in the way. I hope that you stick with me as there is so much more to come.
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13 thoughts on “Que Pasa and Good Friday on the Isla

  1. Cindy says:

    Love the pictures of Semana Santa so many people! Hope Carlie gets well soon!

  2. Wishing Carlie to get better soon. Tell the vet what her diet consists of and all the problems your other dachshunds had regarding their stomach pains. Maybe it will help with the diagnosis. So sorry for that little doggy. Happy Easter!

  3. Sandie Dixon says:

    Poor sweet Carlie. We used to give our Scooter gabapenten every day to help with all the arthritis and back pain she had. It worked wonders. Hope you get some answers.

    Way too many people. But good that they had sunshine to enjoy. It is pouring rain here today.

    Such a nightmare with your health insurance. Hope it works out.

  4. Peter Brenc... (from Maine) says:

    From what little I have heard, most ex-pats get IMSS coverage and are quite happy with it. Maybe a “Medical Evacuation Coverage” policy on top of the IMSS??

  5. Lucy. says:

    Sooo sorry Carlie’s abd. pain continues to bother her, poorer angelit0 😰. It looks like the hole Mexico population came over to Isthmus, WOW, they are huge bunch. Hope & wish U 2 amigos are able to find yourself a reputable health insurance company.

  6. Genie DeLauro says:

    Great photos of beach activity. ❤️

  7. Lucy. says:

    Contessa, get U’r cholesterol lower the simple way: Fiber Power ( Prebiotic Fiber Supplement )( Clear soluble, it dissolves on anything & has not flavor ). Get the genetic type –> ‘ equate’ at Walmart. It binds the cholesterol existing in your intestines, takes it out & deposit it in the toilet, that simple !!! You can get a picture of the bottle that is comes in from the Web. It comes with the instructions.

  8. Andre Bernard Dropko says:

    I thought Dad died of heart failure

  9. Laney says:

    Hola, When you first posted about having researched and found an insurance company I thought, ummmm…don’t be so sure. We’ve lived here 8 years and not found a reliable one, nor has anyone we’ve met here – and most/many have lived here for many more years than we have. It’s a question we used to ask everyone we met who lived here – but after several years we stopped asking because the answer remains the same: IMSS is likely your best bet. I didn’t say anything at the time I read your initial post, as I knew then it wouldn’t do any good. We all (friends included) pay out of pocket for treatment here in MX, and of course many from the U.S. choose to go back there (if they’re able( for treatment as their Medicare will pay for it. Medications, office visits, tests, etc. are often quite reasonable. It’s once you must be admitted to a hospital, have surgery, or some such that it can get into the tens of thousands quickly. And you must give payment (a credit card) on admittance and settle the bill before you leave the hospital. Good luck.

  10. Karen says:

    Ohh I hope Carlie will be okay, it’s definitely not a nice feeling when are babies are muy mal, Contessa, you are always a little pitbull when it comes to research,I always use your judgment and decisions, we also had insurance this year through this company. Does IMSS insurance company work for snowbirds or is this only Permanet residence?
    Love to you all, we got home to Langley last night and we also enjoyed Sámano Santa in LDM, certainly a very busy time!

  11. Croft Randle says:

    That is a crazy situation with your medical insurance! IMSS may be the smarter way to go and put asside the $6 or 7 thousand you are saving in premiums into a medical emergency fund for two or three years and you should be covered for most emergencies because as you know, medical treatment in Mexico is very cheap, at least I hope that is still the case. I hope it will work out for you!

  12. Deborah S says:

    Definitely join IMSS. The hospitals may not be the greatest but the doctors are (mostly) good. Many “private” doctors work for IMSS a certain number of hours per month to qualify for a government pension. Many speak English and some will have done residencies in the US. Check the current documentation requirements; used to be you needed copies certified by a Mexican consulate in Canada (as Canada won’t provide copies with an “apostille”) of your birth certificates & marriage license, all translates to Spanish by an accredited translator.

  13. David says:

    HI!..Just saying howdy to see if you get this.
    Good to hear about Meloxicam from what you said, my PC prescribed it to me for my back.
    Hope your furry kid gets better.

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