Two weeks ago today, we parked in our driveway

Looking back ( to what I can recall ) it has been an extremely full two weeks. Good thing I didn’t know how busy It would be.

The girls love having their own fluff bed. And they know which is theirs but sometimes they will share a bed.

Today I finished the company taxes as well as our personal taxes. Happy to boast that I balanced the company to within 3 cents. Fedex will be delivering my work ( a small not thick package ) to the accountant in Vancouver tomorrow morning for a mere $74.00CAD. Last year it was $50.00. We can’t afford to live here much longer. I have done what I can with the taxes. The accountant in Vancouver plays with the personal and company figures so that we pay the least amount tax possible. He is worth his weight in gold – well maybe quarters – or nickels 😛

We are going to miss this golf cart. We toyed with bring it to Mazatlan but we will get something more rugged.

How long have I been doing this for Colin? I worked it out today. This was my 32nd time. I have been doing this since 1992.  And it will be my last. I assume that when we close the company later this year that there will be more to do BUT I am done. As far as I am concerned it can be sent to Vancouver. Dare I say that I am officially retired 🙁

Yesterday I had my other leg vein treatment. For some reason it was a painful experience. She did suggest that I come back in September before we leave. My legs are so much better with these treatments – so I might, Well I will book it and then I can cancel if needed. When I left the office yesterday I asked how long I had been going there. The one ‘girl’ who I remember from day one said “forever” and rolled her eyes. Another one looked up the info online and say “oh my!!”. I have had between 3 to 2 treatments per leg per year.  Since 2009 😮 – definitely a long time.

We were surprised that the infrared sauna sold in a few hours. It certainly opened up that area of our house.

So what have I been doing in the last 14 days, other than 22 loads of laundry 😳 As mentioned in the last post I had a successful garage sale on May 4th. Since then I have been selling larger items online including our sauna and the golf cart. We have sold many things but there are many many more to go. The only way it makes sense to me is that I say that I have paid my rent for the next 13 months 😉

These two worked very hard taking it apart.

We have still only had the one showing and as much as they love and want our home they have had to say no. A difficult decision for them but other things in their lives have recently changed. No worries. we continue to wait for the perfect person to fall in love with our home. We are confident that it will sell.

Colin surprised himself when he cleaned out his shoe area. So many have never been worn.

Sadly Carlie is not doing well again. She has not had any more episodes of not being able to walk. By the way we discovered that the reason she appeared paralyzed to us was because she was in extreme pain which totally consumed her. So her pain level I now more controlled but she is having problems. While I worked on taxes ( we always went together to a vet appointment but I could not this time ) Colin took Carlie to our local vet. First thing he said was the medication ( that we thought was working until about 5 days ago ) was only good for acid reflux 😥 Perhaps it was her kibble or this or that….we all agreed that her blood needed to be tested. Colin will take our #1 girl ( she is 2 and 1/2 hours older than her sister Ciela, whom we call the baby ) in first thing in the morning for fasting bloodwork. I get so sad and upset when she is not well.

Carlie resting outside on the front step before her visit to the vet.

Later tomorrow we will be opening a new bank account which will make our life much easier while living in Mexico. First of all our investment advisor can deal with that account and best of all we can do wire transfers for up to $50,000.00 CAD to one of our two banks in Mexico at no charge. At this point it is my understanding that this can be a daily process. Bur why would I need to transfer that much money that often but then why would I have that much to transfer. Perhaps once we sell the house.

Ciela napping on the bench at the window.

Oh and we have listed the Lexus for sale. There are hundreds of scammers out there and it was taking all my online time! Some very special friends hooked us up with a source that will help us with the car. Such a relief. This will save me at least 2 hours more per day. So let’s see how that works out for us.

So yes, I feel that in all honesty I can say that the past two weeks have been over the top busy.

The vet visit must have been stressful. Carlie peed and then passed out on the lawn. She had never slept there before.

And then the Canadian hockey season is at its peak of activity with playoffs. Many Edmonton Oiler fans on our street, they are tied 2-2. Game 5 will be Thursday in Vancouver against the Vancouver Canucks. I have lived in both cities but my heart will always be with the Oilers. I swear I could hear my Dad yelling tonight, watching from that big TV in the sky.

We are still starting out our mornings with the furnace and fireplace on. Meanwhile most of Mexico is sweltering with heat waves. Mazatlan weather appears to be just perfect for me. Only 145 sleeps until we head south permanently.




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17 thoughts on “Two weeks ago today, we parked in our driveway

  1. sue says:

    I’ve always loved your home and its location. We live in the desert (Arizona) but our son and family live up in Washington. How can I find the listing for your home? we’ve been looking for a little home on a lake closer to them and wonder if yours might be it?

    1. Hola Sue. Nice to hear from you. I am happy to send you the link to the listing for our home. Let me know your thoughts, happy to answer your questions.

      1. Lucy. says:

        Gorgeous ! 🌺 🌿 🌼

  2. Janet Ashworth says:

    Applause! You and Colin have accomplished so much! Both of you are moving to a new country, a warmer more relaxed lifestyle, the goal is achievable.

    1. Thank you for the pat on the back Janet. Somedays I do wonder if it is achievable. Today was a rather bad day. Nothing that wine could not fix. It is sad that one has to jump thru so many hoops to do simple things.

  3. Lucy. says:

    It was super to have news from U amigos; the sad thing is one of the girls isn’t feeling that well…so sorry 😰. Hope U’r able to sell your house by the lake soon !

  4. Richard Wilkins says:

    I have ben following and enjoying your Mexican journey for some time now but have not commented before. We were informed by our local Vet yesterday of new requirements for dogs entering the US starting August 1. You may wish to pass this information along to your Canadian and US friends as it will affect all dogs entering the US from either Canada or Mexico.

    Richard Wilkins, Gabriola Island, BC

    1. Welcome to the comment section of the blog. Nice to know that you are here. I really appreciate the information about the new dog rules. The last I have read is that if we want to get the dogs out of Mexico they have to have had a rabies shot in the USA. So much discussion at the moment. Hopefully solid answers will come.

  5. Nancy Hodgson says:

    Wow you are as busy as we are
    Looks like you are doing great at selling stuff and downsizing
    You will miss your golf cart but maybe a side by side in your future
    Sorry to hear pup is sick again
    Keep up the pace Mexico is calling for you

    1. I have seen what you are up to. My plan is to get to the Isla and do nothing, maybe not even unpacs and set up for a month or so. Thanks for checking in.

  6. Darlene says:

    You have been busy. Tired just reading all you have done. Your house is so lovely whoever purchased it will be so lucky!!

    I am sending positive thoughts and prayers that the bloodwork will provide an answer to Carlie’s misery and more importantly provide the answer of a quick cure.

    Wishing you all the best with your adorable girls and closing everything down as you move forward on your journey to full time life in Mexico.

    1. I so appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers. It all truly helps.

  7. Poor Carlie, have x-rays been done to see if she has a back problem that hurts her? As I said before, your dogs are very skinny. Hope you are successful with all your sales of the house contents and of course the house also.

    1. You must have missed the post where I actually showed Carlie’s back X-ray that we did in early March in Mexico. She is perfectly fine in that regard, thank goodness. As to her being what you call “skinny” all 3 three vets have seen in the past 3 months find her just perfectly sized and we get complimented at keeping their weight as it is. The mother of both our girls is about 2 lbs smaller than they are. I could not believe that the mother had had 3 pups. The good thing is that Carlie is not suffering right now. We are still waiting for the blood work results.

  8. Lucy. says:

    Hola Contessa, Colin & kids, hoping there are not wild fires burning near your place…scary & sad ! 😰

    1. At the moment we no where near any fires but……

  9. Such a big decision, and so much planning to bring it to fruition! Hopefully the house sells and then the rest will fall into place.

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