We drove 407 miles today

We started in Washington state, drove through Oregon and are now at the Walmart in Mountain Home, Idaho. Tomorrow we will enter Nevada. This morning it was only 37F when we woke up,the forecast low for tonight is only 42F. It does feel warmer. Last night we had a very tasty Subway for dinner and tonight we are having lox and creme cheese on a croissant.

Just staring up the Pendleton Pass and saw this poor guy having to deal with a flat tire. His RV was leaning to the right almost touching th barricade.

Suddenly just after the Pendleton Pass we were slowed right down.

There were three lanes and they were all being led ever so slowly by a truck with flashing lights in each lane. It made no sense whatsoever. For over 14 miles we traveled this way. There was some painting happening on the other side of the freeway but nothing on our side. It seemed so disorganized and pointless. From there we were funnelled into one lane for many more miles. No reason why.

We drove for a few hours this morning before stopping for coffee and to feed the girls. Colin went across the street to Denny’s and picked me up a cup of fresh decaf. When I opened the lid I was shocked that the coffee was cooler than tepid. I took a sip and it had no taste and looked more like brown water. That coffee cost us $3.90 USD/ 5.60CAD 😡 SO much for my special treat today. We topped up the diesel today @ 5.599 per US gallon today. My coffee cost as much as a gallon of fuel.

The first part of the day the girls sat on me covered in literally dozens of blankets. They warmed up enough to be on their own.

Once we crossed into Idaho the time switched to MST but we stayed with our PST. No sense changing our timing cycle because tomorrow we will go back to PST. So when we were in rush hour traffic driving though Boise we suddenly realized that we were an hour behind the local time.

I never thought that this would be me but here I am charging my iPhone, iPad and hot spot device all at the same time as we drive. We have not pulled out the generator either last night nor tonight. If it was colder we would have. Plus I planned meals based on having no electricity.

We have had a few RV issues since we left but I will share those another day. It is already 10:30PM and I really need to get to bed. Tomorrow will be a bit busier for us.

Lovely Walmart stop.

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12 thoughts on “We drove 407 miles today

  1. I like the new blog format, very clean and easy to read. No rain so far so that’s good..right. Safe travels..we’re not entering the USA until the beginning of November.

    1. Thank you. Will see you in Mazatlan.

  2. Nice to see no rain so far..right! We’re not entering the USA till November 1st. Safe travels😊

    1. So nice to have not a drip it.

  3. You are making great time!

    Boise was equally as crazy when we drover through it.

    We overnighted at a wonderful Boondockers Welcome in Mountain House on the 19th.

    Keep rolling on!!

    1. I really need to check those places out. I like the Walmart spots as I need to buy certain thins and it works out perfectly.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Looks like a nice Walmart to stop at 😊

    1. Quite nice but not too much space for RV’s. This is the one we woke up in a few years ago surrounded by snow.

  5. Colleen says:

    Glad that you are on the road and making progress!!!!

    1. Thank you, We have landed in Vegas for 20 days, so glad I booked that many as we need them.

  6. Heather says:

    I enjoy following day by day! Miss you already.

    1. Ahh you are so very sweet.

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