What can I say?

Let the adventure begin. You know how we always have drama in our lives.

Today we did not stop in Ely, Nevada for the night where we had a reservation. Someone made an error and gave away our reservation ( that I made 10 days ago ) to another RVer. All the pull through sites were booked. So even if we wanted to, we could not stay. We took that as a sign of Divine intervention. Ely is expecting their first big snow storm of the season tomorrow.

Just before we pulled into Ely this afternoon I received an alert re a severe windstorm in the Las Vegas area 🙁 As in such high winds that trees will be uprooted and it is not advised to travel in the area, especially in a high profile vehicle.  Of course it all depends on the direction and strength of the winds.

We looked up how much wind it would take to flip a Class A and it is anywhere from 40 -50 mph. Of course it all depends on the direction of the wind, etc. The warning is pretty specific,

So we pushed ourselves and drove another 2.5 hours late this afternoon. We arrived in the dark at the RV park in Alamo. I called and was able to book the last pull through site but talk about pushing ourselves. Not counting any bathroom or fuel breaks we drive a solid 8.5 hours today. I think that explains why we are all so tired.

The plan is to leave at 7:30AM at the latest and drive the two hours to Las Vegas and wait out the storm in the RV Park that we paid for last August. We really need to be settled in one place for several days.

Of course should the windstorm alert worsen or the start time changes we will spend another night here in Alamo. No way do we want to be driving in that kind of wind.

And then there is the possibility of another hurricane heading towards Mazatlan.

I have not had the energy to look up the details, etc.

So this is a quick blog post. Photos and details of today will be forth coming. Thank you all for checking in.


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10 thoughts on “What can I say?

  1. Janet ASHWORTH says:

    A very long day. Wise decision on your part, coming down the pass from Ely in the snow..ugly. We like the park in Alamo off the highway, close to fuel and groceries. We usually eat breakfast in the small cafe. It will be great to get to Vegas and de-stress.

    1. It really is a lovely place. We were so fortunate that they had the one spot for us.

  2. Linda Sand says:

    Being safe is the most important element of being healthy. I’m glad you are making safe choices.

    1. We would never do anything to endanger the RV nor ourselves.

  3. Heather says:

    I like the caution, be safe.

  4. Sandie says:

    Finally figure put how to get your blog. You should be exhausted. Hope you can rest in Vegas. I just saw the news on the hurricane. Hope you can find out where it is headed. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Nice to see you here. Sorry that it was so difficult for you. Your old bookmark should still work. Sadly the tropical storm is now a Cat 4 and my be landing that way or a Cat 3.

  5. You shouldn’t have any problems with wind…all that wine in the pass thru will hold you down..😁

    1. If I had my full allotment that might have worked 🙂

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