Bumpy roads, take me home….

….to the place I belong! Oh my, what a very very long day.  Even though we left at 7:40 AM, we drove for 10.5 hours. It took forever to drive 417 miles. The roads totally slowed us down. Plus as I mentioned recently, we are trying a new schedule re overnight stops due to having to leave the Isla earlier in the day. However I think that I screwed up. I was working on my timing, mileage and places to stay at night while the carpet cleaners were at the RV last weekend. Not really an excuse but I should’ve had calculators and maps outside with me.

A very long second day of travel. The roads were that bad that it took us 10.5 hours, actually 9.5 hours. We stopped to fuel up, to make breakfast and lunch. Not more than an hour total did we stop.

I think we are beyond long distance driving which we used to do. Sadly the condition of the roads has lead to extra time driving. Plus there are not that many RV parks or places to spend the night. Colin is really exhausted – he may go to bed without dinner. The good news is that tomorrow we are only driving 200 miles, about a 3.5 hours drive.  Plus we will be stopping at a full hook up RV Park in the USA.

The girls are doing really well and Carlie appears to be better. She is certainly happier.

Ciela has all these adorable positions as she sleeps.

We are happy that the RV is doing great mileage wise. In November we filled up at our favourite Pemex ( just before Culiacan) enroute to the Isla. Today we were able to use that same tank of diesel all the way to Navajoa. 210 litres for 5600 MXN. At least we won’t have to fill up again until we get to the US. Oh can anyone tell me if fuel is still cheaper in the US than here? I don’t have any extra time to research. FYI we got the best window wash at the truck stop north of Navajoa. The fellow wanted 30 pesos to do our huge front window. It was so sparkling clean that we gave him 50 pesos.

Such dedication to cleaning our windows.

Tonight we are in Santa Ana, Sonora at the Punta Vista RV Park, they are on FB. There is water and 15AMPS. 350MXN for the night. The sites are back in but we were allowed to stay in the middle of the road so we did not have to unhook. Dora has created a lovely environment including a garden setting to sit in the shade and relax. We were here well over 15 yers ago when her brother was running the park. It is now a family affair.

Today I noticed a strange thing. Ever since Ciela has been a puppy she would only sit on Colin’s lap as we drove back and forth whenever we were in the RV. In the past Carlie was lucky to get 2 or 3 lap visits per year when we traveled. She usually slept on the dash, or in the bed between our seats or on me. Ciela has yet to sit in Colins lap this trip. She has sat on me a few times. And they have shared the bed between us a few times. I look forward to seeing how it will all unfold. Perhaps because her sister has been ill she is giving up sitting on Colin’s lap.

Basking in the glow of the sunset.

Looks like I didn’t take to many photos today. Lets see what tomorrow brings.


****This is the second post I published today. Don’t miss the first one , Unwanted Early Morning Intruder.


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  1. Diesel has varied from about $3.80 to $4.20 US in Arizona. We are presently heading out of Yuma to Alamo, NV.

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