Que Pasa…….

My friend Linda on the Isla( upstairs to our right ) Sent me a photo the day after we left. Heavy fog and rain. What a mess! Glad we were already gone.

The drive from Santa Ana via Hwy 2 was mostly uneventful. The road was bumpier after Carboca but not too bad. Having said that, about 2 1/2 hours into the drive we heard a very loud crash – it sounded like breaking glass.

It appears that the one bad bump which went across the width of the road caused the convention/microwave door to open and the glass turntable tray fell onto the floor.

Quite the mess. The glass was spread from the bedroom entrance into the living room area.

We were only ten minutes away from KM 227 where people turn in their TIP. We stopped there. I tried to help with the clean up but it was a one person job due to the limited space.

Lots of shattered glass everywhere.

We parked just opposite the Banjercito office on the road that is blocked off to through traffic. While Colin continued the clean up I walked into the Banjercito to return our ten year TIP on the RV. They were not busy but the fellow in charge insisted that we drive further up the road and come in via the bus entrance and park right next to his office. I asked him to please come outside and showed him that the RV was just behind the wall and very very close. No matter, we had to come inside his area.

So we moved the bus as requested and the jefe who had been watching for us came outside to direct to the exact spot he wanted us to park 🙄 Colin dealt with him. Of course he had to come inside the RV as our VIN is in one the the bedroom closets. However we travel we a large dog crate, two gallon water jugs and right now space taking ‘things’ 😎 I have only place to take two steps to put the bedroom slide in and out. So in comes the jefe and the young guy he is training. Of the five panels of numbers in the closet only one has the VIN number. However they insisted that they would figure it out. Finally as they were leaving I insisted on showing them where the VIN was, as they had missed it 🙄

It took 15 minutes to take the photos.  Then they wanted to take the TIP off the Jeep but we didn’t have one as our vehicle is attached to our temporal residency. Finally we were able to leave.

I am not certain when this 20 peso coin came out but this was the first time I have seen it. Not very much difference from the 10 peso coin. Colours not true to the coins.

The US border was a short 10 minute wait. The agents were fun and friendly. There is a new set up and all four booths were open – a first for us.  The RV lane refers to RV’s in Spanish as  Casa Moviles. There were also two x-ray machines among the four lanes. The agricultural person came on board as always and she went through the freezer and the fridge. She took away two potatoes. I offered her a half eaten cucumber and some fresh zucchini. She said they are not looking for things like that right now. But we did have to drive through the x-ray machine while she stood to the side and took notes. Once satisfied she removed the cone at the end of the lane and we were free to carry on. Welcome to the USA.

Ciela has still not sat on Colin’s lap this trip.

A side note here, the agricultural gal noticed the area of the fridge vent, covered by cardboard. She made Colin remove the cardboard and used her flashlight to thoroughly inspect the cavity.

We finally got to AJO about 3:40PM. Extremely hot @ 95F. Much too hot for the girls to even walk outside on the gravel. Once it cooled down Colin took the girls for a long walk and let them off leash over the entire golf course. Their first long run since the Isla.

Shortly after leaving Ajo Monday morning we were stopped for a good 25 minutes re re road construction. It was frustrating as we couldn’t get a wifi signal.

Once we got closer to I8 I was able to get a signal. The trip went past in a flash. I spent the entire time online or on the phone trying to order either the fridge vent or a glass plate for the microwave.

We drove on the California side of Hwy 95 to Quartzsite. Much less traffic and very scenic.

A quick note, we picked up some fuel at Running Man just before Parker for only $3.937 per gallon of diesel. Best price we have seen to date.

Definitely too hot to be traveling at this time of year. We were fortunate to get a good RV site for the night. The drive from Ajo to Q was 169 miles. We stopped at the ” RV Pit ” to fill up our propane . All winter we used propane as opposed to electric as we usually do. Mostly because we were not sure that we could get the propane truck come to our Isla RV Park. The good news is that only 8.2 gallons of propane was used at a total cost of $26.98USD. We still used electric for the fridge and hot water but did use propane for cooking. Basically I spent the entire drive researching parts as well as the rest of the day once we arrived. Being a 2001,RV parts are not as easy to find.

Every day since we lelt the Isla, once we stopped and opened the fridge we were treated to a few hundred bugs at the bottom on the fridge. We can only assume that they were coming in from that partially sealed open fridge vent area, We have not seen any since we stopped here in Las Vegas.

We arrived in Las Vegas ( staying at the Las Vegas RV Resort ) as usual about 2PM. We were unhooking by 2:10 and parked in our site with the jacks down and slides out plus the electric running by 2:30pm. This is a new record for us 😎 It was only a 208 mile day.  Once again it was very hot and the RV park even handed out a flyer explaining how to protect out pets from the heat. Colin had to carry each girl, one at time, to the dog area.

Just before our exit off the freeway to the RV park we got caught in a bit of traffic.

Once we are organized Colin picked up all the things, from the office, I had ordered from Amazon and could not live without in our new home to be. It was better than Christmas morning. Here are just a few examples.

We each got one of these to replace the contents of our desks.

Our new file cabinet system including business files. They stack and are very narrow. Lots of places to keep/hide them.

A new dog pen system for travelling. Much less weight then the old one.

I had purchased this teal/blue bed on the way to the Isla. Ciela claimed it, but Carlie used it quite a bit. So I got Carlie her own pink one this week. They immediately shopped sharing beds.

Ciela cleaning her face with her paw.

Carlie looks as sweet as she can be. She is doing much better everyday. Hard to believe that she was so sick a few weeks ago.

Tonight is night four of the time we have been here. More on that in the next post. BTW I have only been out of the RV twice. Yes I was doing more research. Adios for tonight, I need to go enjoy my wonderful dinner that have been in the crockpot since early afternoon.






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3 thoughts on “Que Pasa…….

  1. Lucy. says:

    Ay ay ay…se rompiò el micro-ondas glass plater hopefully they are available without much trouble. Is that hot in Las Vegas already in May imagine when July arrives, mama mia it will be roasting time !! The girls surely look relaxed & content; love the beds they are on.
    Wish U all 4 have a wonderful trip t0 Kelowna & sell your home by the lake en un abrir y cerrar de ojos 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  2. Carol says:

    Glad you made it here. Weather is getting cooler again. I always take dish out of microwave and stick it someplace safe. Lesson learned a long time ago, Hope you enjoy your time here and every thing you are looking for.

  3. Genie DeLauro says:

    Thanks for the update Contessa. It is also warming up here, however, the last three days were high 70’s, quite pleasant. Safe travels, hugs to our babies❤️. Give Colin a big hug from us. 😘🥂

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